The principate of Liechtenstein. It is probably not very easy to spot it from a space ship. Though, you do not need a microscope to see it. You can just take your car, or a flight, and go there. Perhaps, if you are not from the region and your are flying to Europe, you could combine the visit of this small country with a big travel around Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Reaching Liechtenstein for us is relatively easy; we drove from Zurich to Vaduz, one and a half hours ride, without traffic and without a single cloud over our heads.
Once you reach the capital Vaduz you realise how small Liechtenstein is. The city, or better the village, has about 5000 inhabitants, and the Princely Family lives in a castle that overlooks Vaduz from a mountain slope. Although this is the most touristic spot, the castle is private and not open to visitors. The castle is the possible final destination of a small hike that starts from the central touristic street of Vaduz and along the path you will have a few stunning viewpoints over the green valley. However, small hikes are possible all around, and the views from the top will reveal Liechtenstein as a very green and clean area, where people live their lives with really high standards, pervaded by the feeling that the world has no problems. Here even the super-conservative Switzerland does not close the boarder, allowing the free circulation between the two countries. To say, there is no danger coming from here. Just a wind of peace. But Europe, damn, not. There you must close the boarder. Too dangerous!
Vaduz is substantially composed of a main street and a few road branches, with prices that can be even higher than the ones you can typically find in Zurich. Cars with interesting black plates are moving around the principate through a very relaxing and beautiful landscape.
Liechtenstein will be a very short and full experience, and the length of this article reflects the intensity and tiredness of your day in Liechtenstein. Even the hikes around the mountain slopes feel refreshing.
If you wish to have a moment of natural taste, the vineyard of the prince of Liechtenstein is probably the most interesting spot to visit and walk through, breathing the atmosphere of another century. The tasty wine is produced from grapes exposed on slopes facing south-west, with a very long Sun exposure throughout the year. Liechtenstein wine, however, is not very well known outside of the region because of the very small production (of course!). This is yet another reason to try it directly in Vaduz, where the producer often organises tasting tours in the production site.
Last but not least – and if you are a true traveller you surely know what I am talking about – this visit will be an additional pin on your world map, another country to add to your list. Take the chance!




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